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Poor condition of Roads Make life miserable in Karnah

Tahir Qadoos
Karnah,Sep 25,CNS:Replete with deep pits and pot Holes,The Road from Tangdar to Teetwal and Tangdar to Gabra Hajitra Has led to many Accident.Similar is the condition of Tangdar to Bijildar Jabdi.
Strewn with upto one feet ditches,If the bad Condition of Roads here is a Resulting in jerking of knees to the two wheeler drivers,The risk of passengers in these ditches always run high.
At every yard or so there are deep pits and patholes dangerous for vehicles driving and there no one can drive safely and smoothly on these Roads.
Regretting the poor condition of the Roads,which was posing danger to life and property,The locals said that the critical condition of Roads in karnah had brought a bad name to the Beacon and R&B Department.
Though a large no.of Accidents are happening due to bad condition of the Roads,leading to Disc Displacement spinal injuries and Bones Dislocation and injuries,No proper attention was being to the problem said Residents of Chitterkote karnah.
The Residents allege that the blatant corruption by the contractors,who use very poor material,led to early depletion of the Roads.
The Residents of these villages appeal to Governor for personal intervention into the matter.