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Gulshan Cultural Forum Kashmir Organized “Majlisi Hussaini” at Imam Bara Baba Pora

Raja Bilal
Magam,oct 01. The event was organized in relation to pay tribute to Ahle- Bait. The function was attended by the renowned poets of the valley and the people from different walks of life in addition to the local devotees.  Hussaini Mushaira was also the part of this event. The chief guest on the occasion was a Prominent literary figure of the valley Fayaz Tilgami while as Shanaz Rashid, President of the forum Syed Bashir Kousar,  and Abdul Gaffar Bagwan present in the presidium. A host of the whole program, Ghulam Hassan Baba presented the welcome address while as Gulshan Badrani, General secretary of the forum presented the keynote address. Sy Bashir Kousar in his address highlighted the literary scenario of the area and appealed the poets and writers to cooperate for the same. Hussaini Mushaira which was part of this event was hosted by Khurshid Khamosh,  and Maqbool Shaida respectively. This poetic symposium was attended by the galaxy of poets who include Latief Niyazi, Maqbool shaida,  Showkat Shahbaz, Rahim Rehbar, Nazir Shahid, Mir Shabir Ahmad, Irshad Magami, Hilal Kashmiri, Abdul Ahad Shahbaz, Ghulam Ahmad Niyazi, Khurshid Khamosh, Mumtaz Gufbali, Gulshan Badrani, Abdul Aziz Betab, Nadim Bukhari, Shehnaz Rashid, Syed Bashir Kousar, Ghulam Mohammad Muztar, Ghulam Mohammad Masroor, Sheikh Ghulam Rasool and Syed Abbas Jowhar. The programme was hailed by the participants.
Some of the prominent poets of all major languages belonging to different regions paid homage to Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and the martyrs of Karbala. “the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) is commemorated across the across the globe not only by Muslim but by Non- Muslims as well. Beloved grandson of Prophet (PBUH) is loved by every community across the universe and he does not belong to any one sect or religion but to the entire universe.  Muharram is a universal Phenomenon” Gulshan  Badrani said.
Stressing upon the need of unity among Muslims, Gulshan Badrani said. “we follow the same Quran and every Muslim regardless of the sect is indebted to Hazrat Imam Hussain(AS)  because his supreme sacrifice ensured the survival of Islam. Speaking on the occasion Gulshan Badrani urged upon Muslims to follow the path shown by Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) in daily lives, not only in Muharram.
 “The first thing Imam Hussain (AS) teaches us is to never become the oppressor. Being oppressed is better than being the oppressor because the later is despised by Allah, his Prophet (PBUH)  and Holy Ahlul-Bayt. He said the Hussain(AS) exemplifies the purest and most selfless form of struggle against evil and every Muslim is forever indebted to the king of martyrs who sacrificed everything in Karbala to keep Islam alive.