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Mustafa Kamaal has taken umbrage to the statement of BJP spokesperson


Srinagar,09 October 2018-CNS:-Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamaal Additional General Secretary J&K National Conference has taken umbrage to the statement of BJP State spokesperson Smt Priya Sethi appearing in a leading English newspaper of Jammu Dated 5th instant wherein she has criticized National Conference MLA and President Woman’s Wing Kashmir Division  Shameema Firdous  over her statement accusing BJP- RSS combine of their hand in the Killing of two National Conference Workers in Srinagar city on 05-10-2018 Smt Sethi also levels baseless   and wild  allegations against National Conference Party.

At the outset  Priya Sethi has charged  National Conference  of rigging the 1987 elections  a pet blame  of all National Conference detractors which has  not been substantiated  till date 31 years down the line despite redressal mechanism of the judiciary and the Election Commission  of India being in place for  the aggrieved. The unseating of the then Prime Minister   Indira Gandhi by an Allahabad Court   on charges of rigging by rival Raj Narain in 1972 Parliament election  is a classic example.  Twelve cases from defeated candidates in 1987 approached  the J&K High Court but failed   to prove. Repeating a lie a thousand times will not make it a truth.

Another lie of BJP State spokesperson is that National Conference never held elections to the Panchayats and ULB during their tenure is a white le. Infact, it was National Conference which brought in the J&K Panchayat Raj Act. This became   a model for rest of the country in Rajiv Gandhi tenure as PM. That National Conference was not interested   in enpowing people is preposterous the least National Conference did not only give the Panchayat Raj Act considered a model Act but also gave decentralized Administration by creating District Development Boards in each District Headquarter of the State. National Conference gave people their own constitution which ensured Govt. “by the people, for the people, of the people.” It is because of these historic measures J&K over the last seven decades or so has been transformed from impoverished serfdom to a truly welfare state where in basic amenities and equal opportunities are available to all without discrimination whatsoever. Had blunders (which Governor Satya Pal Malik likes to call mistakes) not been made by GOI in the shape of political intrigues and cheating right from 1953 things would not have been what they are today. In shaping modern democratic, socialist, secular J&K National Conference rightly claims credit notwithstanding the chagrin of Smt Priya Sethi .

Dr. Kamaal  further said the blame of BJP Spokesperson, Smt. Sethi  that National Conference has hegemony of the ‘family and relations’ on political set-up is foolhardy and exposes   her ignorance. Leadership in the democratic set up  in J&K and the country is “ elected and not selected” and that  Govt. is not imposed but is appointed through adult  suffrage. As long as people want it that way so shall it be which is the essence of democracy

Deep down hatred of the myopic and communal BJP- RSS combine   which is their hallmark  stands completely   exposed  by the baseless   accusations of BJP states spokesperson which I refute in its entirety.

National Conference is wedded to peoples welfare and will continue to strive tirelessly to better their lives and towards   achieving the goal of peace , prosperity, communal harmony and friendship  and good neighbourly relations  in the region. National Conference also looks forward to amicable resolution of problems between   India and Pakistant including the seven decades old festering sore of the Kashmir issue National Conference expects J&K Police to soon nab the assassins of two National Conference Workers and bring them to book at the earliest.