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Kashmiris are targeted in and outside the state: JKDFP


Srinagar, Oct 15, CNS: Strongly condemning the harassment of Kashmiri Students at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), the Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has said that Kashmiri youth are being targeted on every front in and outside the state.

Registering sedition charges against Kashmiri Students at AMU and issuing show cause notices clearly exhibits the Indian imperialistic approach towards Kashmir and Kashmiri people, the JKDFP Spokespersons said in a statement asking is offering prayers for the dead a crime?

The Spokesperson strongly denounced the arresting of youth in north and south Kashmir areas and slapping draconian PSA on several of them. PSA is an additional tool in the hands of the oppressors to intimidate the people of Kashmir who are only demanding and fighting for their accepted political rights.

On one hand New Delhi has jailed the leadership of Kashmiri people and on the other it is arresting and imprisoning the youth one pretext or the other, JKDFP Spokesperson said adding this has badly affected the psyche of the people of Kashmir and hence has started emerging as a social problem.

The Spokesperson expressed deep concern over the continuous incarceration of JKDFP chief Shabir Shah despite his falling health. He said that Shabir Shah has been suffering a lot in a 6X8 ft cell of Tihar jail and despite repeated court directions he is not being provided suitable medical treatment for his serious ailments. Shabir Shah is being revenged for is bold stance vis-avis Kashmir issue and advocating people’s right to self determination effectively.