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LeT pays tribute to slain  militants and civilian          


Srinagar, Oct 17: Chief Lashkar-e-Taiba Mahmood Shah paid their immense tribute to the slian                                                        Militants  Lashkar Commander Mehraj-ud-din Bangru and Fahad Mushtaq for valor and courage against the occupational forces. 3 Indian forces personnel were killed in the encounter whereas several were severely injured.

Mahmood Shah in his statement said, “Indian forces committed to their acts of cowardice by burning the houses thereby rendering the whole neighborhood into ashes. Whenever Indian forces suffer a drastic defeat on the hands of freedom fighters, they wash away their frustration by such cowardice acts. ”

Mahmood Shah further exposed the hypocrisy of Indian media. He said, “The Indian media must expose the atrocities of Indian forces if they are upto the journalistic ethics. The local journalists and media persons were beaten up by the Indian forces at the encounter site so that the Indian War crimes are never visible to the world.” Mahmood Shah said that it is evident to the fact that Indian forces do not want the world to know how they use civilians as human shields thereby ultimately getting a bullet in their own back.

Mahmood Shah accused the Indian forces for deliberately burning the homes of Kashmiris. This is nothing but a severe war crime. “If Indian media has any courage then they should expose this reality.”, said Mahmood Shah. He further said, “But the Indian Media is active only when the clouds of sorrow are casted upon the homes of Indian forces. The burning of civilian houses is an utterly disgraceful and shameful act.  The Kashmiri political parties, media, civil societies must raise this issue. ”

Mahmood Shah vowed to continue the mission of Mehraj-ud-din Bangru and prayed for his highest status in Jannah.

” We will continue our struggle until freedom from illegal Indian occupation. The joy of Indian forces is mere temporary. Mehraj-ud-din was a son of Bangru family. They have rendered great sacrifices for the cause. The Bangru family will continue this legacy and there will be many to pick up the gun of a fallen freedom fighter. And ultimately end the Indian Occupation.”, Mahmood Shah said.