Home Business JKML accords sanction of mining gypsum to outside state company

JKML accords sanction of mining gypsum to outside state company


Srinagar, Oct 25, CNS: The decision of Jammu and Kashmir Minerals Limited to accord sanction of mining lease to an outside state company has left many Kashmir based companies shocked. In this regard, M/S Baba Chemicals has filed a petition against Jammu and Kashmir Minerals Limited in the court of law accusing it of violating all the norms and rules.

The petitioner is proprietor of M/S Baba Chemicals which is permanently registered as micro small and medium enterprise located unit at Salamabad Dachina Boniyar area of Uri Baramulla for the manufacture, servicing of exploration of minerals viz mining of gypsum.

The petitioner has alleged that accord has been sanctioned in favour of one Amritsar Punjab based M/S Aar Vee Enterprises for mining lease of gypsum at village Sumerbugh, Hodog, Parlanka areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

“The authorities have violated all the rules and norms and didn’t follow proper procedure. State of Jammu and Kashmir has no policy for exporting and there is no government policy under which accord can be sanctioned to an outside company,” the petitioner has said adding that no proper e-tendering was done in this regard.

“It is simply a move to plunder the resources of State. A tender to mine gypsum has been allotted to an outside company in Kashmir in violation of lease deed and conditions of tender documents,” adds petitioner.

The decision to appoint outside mining company at a time when local firms have been exploring minerals successfully is an attempt to disrupt the business of local firms,” said proprietor of M/S Baba Chemicals to news agency CNS.

“New tenders should be floated and the sanction should be cancelled immediately,” he said adding that hopefully the court will oppose the government move.