Divisive policies to worsen situation further in Kashmir says Prof. Bhat


    Srinagar, Mar 30, CNS: Mentioning a basic social principle that “unity flourishes by rendering enormous sacrifices and devotion for the purpose of peoples’ cause and that individuals can’t be chosen and engaged over to political parties representing people of Kashmir” and those busy in dividing people by their divisive political gimmicks would lead us to nowhere, chairman Muslim Conference (MC) Prof. Abdul Gani Bhat said while speaking before congregational Friday prayers at a village Watkulu in Char-i-shreef area of central Kashmir that irrelevant people can’t be engaged in dialogue instead of real representatives of the people of Kashmir and  expecting a solution to Kashmir problem  is far of sight.

    Pointing out that New Delhi’s unrealistic approach would further worsen the situation in Kashmir and could tear apart already fragile peace in the valley Prof. Bhat said that such approach is quite divisive in nature and will lead to nowhere except creating more trouble and hardships for Kashmiris’.

    Prof. Bhat said that unfortunately there are divergences in our way of approach as well which need to be rectified and reconciled. History is witness that those who don’t understand the changing currents of time can’t move ahead and we must accept the ground reality that Kashmir is still lingering and unresolved which needs to be settled. Parties involved have to be realistic and express highest degree of magnanimity in approaches for an amicable solution to the problem.

    Prof. Bhat said that the growing presence of big powers in South Asia could have an ugly turn any time for their typically different interests in the region. So all stakeholders including India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir need to put all efforts and endeavors for a peaceful solution of Kashmir Problem. (CNS)