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Strange our credentials were not questioned when we were part of BJP: Mehbooba Mufti


Srinagar, Nov 22, CNS: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti Thursday said that PDP had aligned with the Bhatriya Janata Party to change pernicious mindset.

   In a series of tweets, Mehbooba Mufti said:

“We had aligned with the BJP to change this pernicious mindset. Undoubtedly Pakistan has an impact on the situation in J&K. But its upto our country to change that from negative to positive and tread the path that was taken by Vajpayee ji.”

“Shocked to see baseless allegations against mainstream parties in JK following dictates from Pakistan leveled by @rammadhavbjp ji. Sad to see what the political discourse of our country has been reduced to. How does one define a party’s nationalistic credentials? Nationalistic and patriotic only if you are with the Centre and Pakistan sponsored and anti nationalistic otherwise?” she tweeted.

   She added that: All mainstream parties in JK have taken grave risks to bridge the trust deficit that exists between people of the state vis a vis the country. Both PDP and NC have been allies of BJP at some point. Strange that our credentials were not questioned then. But just because our MLAs had enough integrity to stand up to your failed attempts of defection, they are now anti nationalistic?”

   “India is a great country and democracy is a battle of ideas. Let’s not make a mockery of those very institutions and people,” she added. (CNS)