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LeT pays tribute to militants killed in Chattargam


Srinagar, Nov 28, CNS: Lashkar-e-Taiba Wednesday paid rich tribute  to militants killed in Chattargam gunfight.

“Both the warriors were true sons of soil who fought till their last breath. Our deepest thanks are also to all the Kashmiri people who feed and take care of these warriors as their own sons. We also request the Kashmiri People to not listen to the propaganda and lies of Indian state and their lackeys in Kashmir. Their only intention is to defame and discredit these warriors who have left all the comforts of their life and chosen a path of sacrifice for freedom. Indian state has itself been exposed time and again when it killed innocent tourists, members of minority communities and even its own military officers and then conveniently put the blame on indigenous Kashmiri fighters only to defame us and our struggle, but every time its concocted stories were exposed in front of the whole world. This however has had no effect on the Indian State and they continue to propagate white lies with a straight face even as these fantasy stories  have become the laughing stock of the whole world,” LeT spokesperson Dr Abdullah Ghaznavi said in a statement to CNS.