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Congratulates Rahul Gandhi, Party Leaders for pulling off this spectacular win


Srinagar, 11 December 2018-CNS:-Senior Congress Leader and Former MLA Bandipora Usman Majid here on said that the loss of BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh in election are clear indication of the anti-BJP wave in the country. Majid said that the defeat is a slap on the face of the BJP leadership. The country is against the BJP policies & the attitude of its leadership. He said the Congress victory is an answer by the people of the country to the communal forces that their end is nearer.

Majid congratulated Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot Ashok Ghelot, party Activists, workers for the victory of the Spectacular Performances of Congress Party. He expressed his happiness with the decisive Victory of the Congress in the Polls held in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Rajasthan. He said the victory of the Congress in three states are an indication that people of the country have rejected the communal politics of the BJP and the RSS. “It was considered as semi-final to the 2019 Lok Sabha polls and with this the victory of the Congress in next Parliament election is now sure,” he said.

He said that these results are a clear indication that BJP’s policies and politics are rejected by the people. He said that People have taught an unforgettable lesson to Fascist BJP by trouncing them in 5 seats that have gone for polls and this result will repeat across India in 2019.

Majid said that the overwhelming victory of Congress narrates the ongoing anti BJP sentiment in the country. He also Congratulates the people for defeating the communal tactics of BJP. He thanked people for their continued commitment to keeping divisive, hateful narrative of the BJP out of the states.

While congratulating Rahulji, Majid said, “Rahulji’s unshakeable belief in democracy, secularism and his commitment to cause of downtrodden people makes him one of the best leaders this country has ever seen.” He said that Rahulji represents the new era and the future for the Congress party and the nation.

Majid said that the sweeping victory of the Congress is just a teaser for what is in store for the BJP next year. He said that, It is a testimony to the pro people performance of the state government & a trailer for 2019 Lok Sabha polls. This is the victory of pro-people policies of Congess and rejection of the corrupt and divisive policies of the bjp, he added.