Home J&K Those who waiving the ISIS flags in J&K are Indian agents.

Those who waiving the ISIS flags in J&K are Indian agents.


Srinagar,Dec 11 CNS: Lashkar-e-Taiba Jammu Kashmir Chief Mahmood Shah applauded the welfare activities of people of Mujgund with the victims of Indian aggression who suffered the damage of their properties by the hands of Indian forces. The emotions and examples of such goodwill is exemplary. This is a clear message for India that they may hurt us but they can never break us. The people of Jammu Kashmir are united in their mutual struggle towards freedom.
Those who are uttering false narratives on the martyrdom of 14 year old Mudassir must pay heed to the circumstances. The martyrdoms as as result of Indian aggression must not be ignored. When two year olds will be deprived of their mothers and women will be indiscriminately put behind bars, then 14 year olds will surely pick up guns to avenge the brutality caused by occupational Indian forces. Why this fuss then? They must also look back into Islamic history. Little children Muaz and Mu’aviz put the torchbearer of Infidels Abu Jahel to justice.
Mahmood Shah further said that it is an event of honor for us that the freedom struggle of Jammu Kashmir has shifted to the fifth generation of Jammu Kashmir. In the near future, India will have no other option than to quit Kashmir.
Commenting on the waiving of ISIS flags in Jammu Kashmir, Mahmood Shah said that those who waive the ISIS flags are Indian agents. Their vicious motives are to corrupt the indigenous freedom struggle of Kashmir by aligning it with the fake activities of ISIS. Beware that whoever will waive the ISIS flag will have to face fierce resistance.(CNS)