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For Governor everyone is corrupt in J&K: Says Soz


Srinagar, Dec 13, CNS: Prof. Saifuddin Soz, former Union Minister Thursday advised Governor Satya Pal Malik not to speak on sensitive issues.

“I feel sad that Governor Satyapal Malik does not appreciate that he is a Constitutional Head of the State and his remarks have to be set within the frame of his ‘Constitutional Status,” Soz said.

Soz said that speaking on public issues in the vein of a politician, he keeps speaking on sensitive public issues and thinks all the time that the entire class of Public Personalities and Civil Servants in the state happen to be corrupt.

“Governor would be well-advised to stop fighting corruption as an “All Encompassing Situation” and institute action in particular cases of graft. The generalization of the menace will not will help him.”

Soz said that Governor Satya Pal Malik should close down the “State Accountability Commission” and assume the responsibility directly.

“Despite all this disagreement, I have sympathy with his cause of fighting corruption as corruption is certainly a ‘menace’ and it should be fought out of the system.”